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E-Book - Basic Package

With our Basic Package Caledonian Books offer a chance for authors to see their book published in e-book format. If you have written a book and would like to see it available for download onto the growing list of electrical devices such as smartphone, tablet, laptop, e-reader or desktop computer then send your manuscript (as a Microsoft Word Document) to us and we may be able to bring your book to readers from all over the world. 


For the cost of £199 your book will be converted, typeset and proofread and assigned an ISBN and the author will reap a decent rewards in royalties. If you are an experienced author or are striving to get your first book published we at Caledonian Books are looking to read your book. All manuscripts can be sent to .


After submission of your manuscript we will endeavour to respond within two weeks. We will consider all types of book for publication providing it does not contain offensive material and is of sufficient quality.


At Caledonian Books we will:-


  • Convert your Word Document into an e-book format.

  • Proofread the manuscript.

  • Typeset the manuscript.

  • Assign an ISBN to your book.

  • Advise on cover design either designing for you or supplying your own cover design.

  • Ensure that your e-book will retail at the largest book retailer in the world.

  • Authors will receive 50% royalties

  • We add a personal touch as we will endeavour to always be just an e-mail away to offer advice and support during the publication process.



We consider all genres and types of books from short illustrated children’s picture books through to conventional fiction and non-fiction to certain types of reference books, memoirs and family histories. You will always have the final say about any changes that we may suggest for your manuscript.

The best of luck to you all and we look forward to reading your submissions.




What is an e-book?


An e-book is a full length book in a digital format, it usually consist of images and text that are readable on computers and other electronic devices.
A lot of physical books have been converted into electronic versions (e-books) including some of the classics so that they can then be read by electronic means.
Equally a lot of books have been written purely with the digital format in mind.

Worldwide there are over ten million Kindle users with the number increasing daily.
Kindle also provides a free downloadable Kindle app to enable your manuscript to reach virtually anyone with an iPad or android device.

E-books are usually priced lower than conventional printed books, plus there are industry standards which publishers tend to adhere to.






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