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Caledonian Books 

Caledonian Books is a newly-formed publishing house. It is a family-run company run by authors who have experienced the publishing process as writers and will now use that to publish books. Based in Edinburgh, Caledonian Books will be one of very few publishers to accept unsolicited manuscripts and will treat each submitted manuscript on its merits whether it is supplied by an experienced or first-time author. We will begin by publishing e-books only but do hope to expand the business in the coming months and be able to publish physical books as well. Caledonian Books will also add a personal touch as we will aim to be able to offer advice and support throughout the publishing process in a bid to make the publishing of your e-book as close to the author's wishes as possible.


Craig Walker (Director of Caledonian Books Ltd)

E-Book Publishing
We offer publishing services for authors that can lead to your e-book reaching publication.



To submit your manuscript please click below and follow our guidelines.



Our aim is to offer publication of their work to new up and coming authors and a fresh approach for seasoned authors.


A family company with experience in writing books and understanding what authors are looking for and what readers want.

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