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Craig Walker

As a published author I have went through the publication process in the hands of three different publishers and have come to realise what is important in this key process. It is important that the transitions through the various phases are smooth and as uncomplicated as possible. It is important to be kept fully up to date and that all the wishes of the author are abided and any changes that have to be made have the full consent of the author. Trust in the publisher is important and it is an ethic that will be instilled in each of our projects at Caledonian Books. I look forward to reading the book proposals that come our way and hope to help make budding authors dreams come true as director of Caledonian Books.



Caroline L. Walker


As an established and published author I started out writing quiz books connected to hit television


comedy shows. Since then I have written and published several historical guides. I understand the


processes that you have to go through to see your manuscript reach print and this can be daunting to


many. That is why Caledonian Books have tried to make the process as easy as possible for you to


achieve your goal and get your book out there into bookstores. Having been  on both ends of the


bookshelf as it were we can understand what it is like when you send out that first word document file


through until the book reaching publication and available for everyone to read. This is a labour of love.


Good luck with your proposals and as editor at Caledonian Books I look forward to reading your


manuscript proposals.





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