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Every Picture Tells

By Colin Mitchell

A book with a range of beautiful poems is brought to you by the debutant author Colin Mitchell. Covering a range of topics and historical eras this book contains many contemplative poems in an emotive style. Also read a poem that pays homage to the most famous Scottish bard of all-time - Rabbie Burns. Read Every Picture Tells and with it a range of poetry to delight in.


Publication Date: 31st of October 2015









On the Buses: The Filming Locations

By Craig Walker


The most comprehensive book ever written about filming locations that featured in the hit British sitcom On the Buses. Cataloguing over 200 filming locations used in the television series and three spin-off films with then and now photographs, directions on how to visit each location using public transport, trip and travel suggestions and some rare photographs from behind the scenes. A book to reminisce, to use as a guide and also encourages you to turn into a location detective.


Publication Date: 15th of May 2016 

This book will come signed by the author.

Dad's Army Fact and Quiz Book

By Caroline L Walker


A book for all Dad's Army fans out there which is full of nostalgia. It will remind you of the many classic episodes and the cast that made this British sitcom such a hit. Packed with information and little known facts about the cast, the series and the spin-off film it will re-capture the magic of Dad's Army that first aired almost 50 years ago. Read the Dad's Army Fact and Quiz Book and learn more about the series, cast, filming locations and the new film as well as containing a selection of rare photographs. An ideal companion for Dad's Army fans of all ages.


Publication Date: 26th July 2016

This book will come signed by the author.



David Kernan from Eastham to Broadway

By David Kernan

An exciting new autobiography cataloguing the life and career of David Kernan. It takes us on a wonderful journey telling us of his time working on iconic films ranging from Zulu to Carry on Abroad working alongside the likes of Michael Caine, Stanley Baker, Kenneth Williams and Sid James. David also reminisces about his many diverse friendships he made in the world of show business including icons such as Millicent Martin. It is a book that will take you through David's exciting and varied life spanning the decades and is a book not to be missed.

This book is available to purchase exclusively from the author only as signed copies.

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